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Things to do

Lake Towada dyed in the season

The mountains that change with the seasons are hit by the wind and rain,
Snow is piled up and you can hear mountains, showing various expressions.
  • The four seasons of Lake Towada

    • spring

      Melt water flows into Lake Towada, and green buds sprout.
    • summer

      A cool breeze passes through and carries the scent of green.
    • autumn

      Trees dyed in red-yellow tea move to the magnificent surface of the water.
    • winter

      The falling snow creates a world of silver.

  • Attractions

    • Otome no Zo (the bronze statue of women)

      It is Otome no Zo (the bronze statue of women) winter story of Lake Towada.
      It is a 15-minute walk.
    • Oirase Stream

      15 minutes by car.
    • Tour boat platform

    • Towada Shrine

    • Good luck small diameter

    • Katsurigahama