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Creative cuisine that feels the four seasons of Aomori

Lake Towada is located on the prefectural border between Akita and Aomori.
This facility is located near the prefectural border, and offers a set that is carefully selected and used by the service manager from the ingredients of both prefectures.
  • Dinner

    For dinner, we offer creative dishes that make the most of local specialties.
    We will entertain you with homemade dishes that are fun for the eyes that value the hearts of our customers and Japan.
    • Oirase Gozen Set Meal
      Salt-grilled Himemasu from Lake Towada / A plate of vinegared apples Aomori Production apples / Apple okowa / Steamed from Lake Towada From Towada and radish / Akita's specialty Kiritanpo Hot Pot, etc.

      18:00 to 21:00((Order stop 20:30)
      1st floor restaurant
    • Towada Gozen Set Meal
      Salt-grilled Himemasu from from Lake Towada / Vinegared dish of apple bowl using apples from Aomori Production / Apple Okowa / Steamed From Towada Nagaimo and Daikon radish / Akita specialty Kiritanpo Hot Pot / Scallop wine sauce / Sansai miso gratin / Himemasu 12 items including sashimi.

      18:00 to 21:00((Order stop 20:30)
      1st floor restaurant
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is prepared with one set and one set, carefully and with all your heart.
    We serve local ingredients on our original "Aomori-shaped pottery plate".

    7:00 to 9:00((Last admission 8:45)
    1st floor restaurant
  • Other


    • Produced in Aomori Prefecture beef steak
      A steak with a sweet and melty fat that is Produced in Aomori Prefecture.
      Aomori Prefecture, with its rich nature and cool summer climate, is suitable for producing safe and delicious beef.
      Enjoy eating beef grown in lush green land and pure water with a freshly baked steak!
    • Towada Wine Half Bottle
      It is "white wine" using apple "Jonathan" or "Kogyoku wine" using "mountain grapes".
    • Handmade apple pie
      The handmade apple pie from our sister store "Towada Lake Marine Blue" is a very popular product.
      You can take home your handmade apple pie!
      *Reservation required((One person divides this into 6 equal parts)